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Smashwords doesn’t suck after all – it is I

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I asked the question recently: Will Smashwords suck? I thought they were slow to respond to my request for support.

It had been a week since my email to them and I hadn’t heard anything. I was about to post a new blog entry to the effect that they certainly would suck if they didn’t reply soon. Before hitting SEND, I thought I’d better check my remote mail server that acts as my first line of defence against spam. Sure enough – oops – there were two very timely responses to my emails in the mailbox; they simply hadn’t been forwarded to the mailbox I normally use.

Conclusion: Smashwords are fine and I receive my doctorate in sucking (summa cum laude) next week.

It looks as though Smashwords are uploading books at a great rate. This has the effect that one’s own work is very soon difficult to notice as it slips down the initial date-related presentation.

The online book industry badly needs trusted reviewers to help people find their way among the rapidly growing quantity and highly variable quality of ebooks.

Copyright © Colin Hazlehurst, 2009

Written by netkingcol

December 12, 2009 at 10:51 am

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