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Inside Epub – design of an NCX handler in C#

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The NCX document of an epub publication contains information about its structure. When presented to a reader using a reading device it acts like a Table of Contents. As such, it plays a key role for content providers; authors and publishers want to be able to organise their documents; they want to add and remove content and change the order in which content is presented to the reader.

The article published today in the Inside Epub series looks at the design of software that provides this functionality in the context of an online wysiwyg epub editor.

The article can be found at: Design of an NCX handler in C#

Figure 1. shows the latest user interface design for the editor and shows how the <navMap> of the NCX is displayed as a table of contents.

Figure 1. Online wysiwyg epub editor

Figure 2. shows the actions that can be performed by the content provider. All of these action involve changes to the NCX document, and mostly they need changes elsewhere in the OPF Package. For instance, whenever a content document is added or removed or its position in the reading order is changed, there will typically be changes required in the <spine> and the <manifest> elements of the <package>. These topics are covered in the article.

Figure 2. Editor Actions that affect the NCX

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January 29, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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