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Using Google SketchUp for garden design

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I blogged a while back about SketchUp and how useful it is to visualise the designs of DIY projects and to estimate quantities even before the circular saw comes out of its box. Here’s another example which shows the SketchUp design for a deck and its final construction.

Deck design and construction

I built this deck over a flagged patio using 4.8 metre lengths of 144mm reversible, treated, grooved boards attached to a frame of 100mm X 47mm (used to be called 2 by 4) construction timber. I placed weed control mat under everything and used 2 tons of greenslate chippings to cover the ground.

…and even before the computer was switched on and SketchUp loaded, the design started life as a notebook sketch which was refined over a number of days.

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December 3, 2011 at 1:16 pm

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