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Transit of Venus – a twice in a lifetime event

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My Venus Transit Observatory

In another life I would be a Wikipedant. Why? Because, when it comes to the transit of Venus, I’m happy with the description: “last chance to see…” but less so with: “a once in a lifetime event”, a phrase that has been used freely on the web and in social media. The latter is only true if you’re younger than eight, given that the first of the most recent pair of transits occurred in 2004.

The picture shows my transit of Venus apparatus which comprises: a Lumix G1 with a 200mm lens and a pair of 1999 Total Solar Eclipse shades from the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

As it happened, I was prevented from testing this equipment near Liverpool, England,  by cloud and occasional drizzle. I had to resort to watching egress on the excellent NASA stream from Hawaii.


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