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Joshua Slocum in Google Earth: Robinson Crusoe Island

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Slocum spends eight days at Robinson Crusoe Island, getting to know the people, selling them tallow, and teaching them how to make buns and doughnuts. He also explores the island, visiting Robinson Crusoe Bay to find the cave where Alexander Selkirk lived while he was stranded on the island; he also climbs to the lookout point from which Selkirk watched for ships every day.

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Slocum is clearly impressed by the island and praises the people, the landscape and the lifestyle that the place offers.

Juan Fernandez as a place of call is a lovely spot…there are no serpents on the island, and no wild beasts other than pigs…the people lived without the use of rum or beer of any sort…there was not a police officer or a lawyer  among them…the people were all healthy and the children were all beautiful…the greatest drawback I saw in the island was the want of a school; a class would be necessarily small, but to some kind soul who loved teaching and quietude, life on Juan Fernandez would, for a limited time, be one of delight.

The section of Joshua Slocum’s journey described here is the first part of Chapter XI of Sailing Alone Around the World, and this post is a trailer for the adventure that I am retelling in Google Earth at:

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