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Bookbinding Project #13

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Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a bookbinding project, I decided that my great-nephew, George, who will be two years old early next year, might need something to distract him at a wedding we both attended over the Late Summer Bank Holiday.

I found some old index cards that used to belong to George’s great-great-grandfather, Arthur Walker. I folded these and stitched them into a book-block. Then I made a hard cover. The cover design was printed on an A4 label (Ryman P1) which I laminated with some sticky-backed plastic. The cover boards were positioned over the label and pressed down to adhere them.

The purpose of the gift was to give George a diverting activity, so I bought a rainbow of wax crayons which were held to the book with a length of elastic sewn into a loop.

To keep everything together, I wanted to make a slipcase, my first ever. The process for marking out, cutting, and constructing the slipcase I found in Aldren A. Watson’s book: Hand Bookbinding, A Manual of Instruction and followed Sage Reynolds’ video for lining and covering it. I can whole-heartedly recommend the very useful guidance on the topic of bookbinding to be found in the YouTube videos presented by Sage Reynolds.

It gave me a lot of pleasure to create this gift and, of course, George took absolutely no notice of it when there was so much excitement and adventure to be had at the big party.

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