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On this page you will find the stories Colin Hazlehurst has written and the books Coravel Publishing has produced over the last couple of years. They cover a wide range of interests and fall across several genres: science fiction to adventure to a children’s story; there’s even a wildflower guide. We hope you like them.

Something in the Bush

Astrid Nielsen, avid reader and caffeine junkie, is one of the few people available to investigate when a huge explosion at CERN is felt around the world.

With her colleague, Paul Serre, and Stanford physicist Jack Manhattan, she must travel to Geneva and somehow try to stop the volcano of dark matter that threatens to engulf the world as the Large Hadron Collider runs out of control.

Along the way, she finds that reality is even stranger than a particle physicist can imagine; is it magical reality or real magic?

Buy Something in the Bush on Lulu.


The northern hemisphere is destroyed, wiped out by natural disaster and war. The last refuge of civilisation is New Manhattan, Antarctica where Roman Dragic is a detective with the NMPD. During a homicide investigation, he meets and falls in love with Giulia, but his promise to look after her takes him further than he expects.

Buy Fusion on Lulu.

Mus Musicus

A family of mice builds a nest in a piano, not knowing what it is. Their musical journey begins the day the piano tuner arrives. George, the mountaineering mouse scales the inner face of the piano; Frances, the intellectual mouse, discovers the meaning of the patterns in the book that has fallen inside the piano and tries her hand at composition; Uncle Charles’ life was thwarted when his tail was chopped off by a childhood accident with a mousetrap – he now seeks reconciliation with the humans he has come to admire.

Buy Mus musicus on Lulu.

The Stones of Liverpool

In 2020-Liverpool, three young researchers discover that the Jewel of Liverpool is more than a medallion worn by the mayor. It’s a dongle that lets its owner surf the timespace web. They must help a timespace-traveller to stop a gang of pirates who make raids on emerging civilisations from their timespace bubble in 16th century Rome. The trick will be to do it without Liverpool crumbling to dust.

Buy The Stones of Liverpool on Lulu.

The Immortal Game

Jenny Wells is an embedded reporter in General Anderssen’s army during his battle against General Kieseritzky. She is taken up Crinkle Crags – to the very centre of the battle – by Merlin Kite, an expert in stealth and surveillance. A chess game from 1851 – The Immortal Game – is reenacted here as a battle between two armies in the mountains of the English Lake District.

Buy The Immortal Game on Lulu.

Wild Loughrigg

A photographic guide to the wild flowers that a rambler can see within a few miles of the centre of Ambleside in the English Lake District. Each flower is presented with a description and a full colour photograph, along with its location. The landscape is beautiful, and there’s even more to see by looking down at the wild-life at your feet.

Buy Wild Loughrigg (flowers) on Lulu.

Digital Rights Management in the Publishing Industry

This report outlines the issues surrounding digital rights management (DRM) in the publishing industry. DRM in the recording industry is reviewed to provide a backdrop to the work currently undertaken by publishers and digital booksellers; this demonstrates the polarised viewpoints of consumers and content producers with regard to copyright law and the culture of file sharing on the Internet. The business models of companies which the author believes are the main competitors for ebook market share: Google, Amazon, Apple and Sony, are presented along with their approaches to digital rights management and content distribution. Some publishers and authors are presented who have experimented with releasing DRM-free content, and the resulting effects on their exposure and sales. The book concludes with recommendations for publishers to consider when creating a digital business model.

Buy on Lulu.

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