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Bookbinding Project #63 – Birthday Card Recycling

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Some people excel when it comes to choosing greeting cards. My Great-Aunt-In-Law Gwen is one such person, and my friend Pat is another. They seem able both to understand what will appeal to the recipient and to know where to find the most suitable cards. As a regular visitor to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, Pat has the advantage of having available their superb range of stationery items. She never fails to send me a birthday card of the highest quality. This year, on the occasion of my sixty-third birthday, she sent me their card of Edward Stamp‘s wood engraving of a hedgehog.


I decided that I would say ‘Thank you’ by making her a notebook which used the card as its front cover. Here it is, showing that Pat sees me, entirely accurately, as prickly, dormant, and somewhat endangered:


Recycling Edward Stamp’s wood engraving as a book cover

This was interesting as a bookbinding project because it was the first time that I had started from the final dimensions of the book. Thus far I have always created a book-block, trimmed it, and then cut boards to fit; here I had to create a book-block that would fit the size of the card. I measured the card and allowed enough for it to wrap around a 3mm cover board; this gave the dimensions of the boards; next, I subtracted 4mm from the height and 2mm from the width of the boards to give the size of the book-block.

The next job was to prepare the manufacturer’s mark which comprised the words ‘Handmade Books by Colin Hazlehurst’. This is displayed on the last leaf of the book, so I needed to print it before collating and folding the signatures. I created six signatures of five sheets each using 90 gsm ‘Premium High White’ paper, making a notebook of 120 pages.

Then it was construction as usual: folding, stitching, trimming, glueing, and leaving to dry overnight. I added a headband and a ribbon bookmark as finishing touches.


The back


The manufacturer’s mark


Rounded spine, headband, and ribbon

Copyright © Colin Hazlehurst, 2014

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