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Google, #googmayharm, and the power of viral networking

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I understood but didn’t really feel the power of viral networking until yesterday when Google confused the world with its “This site may harm your computer” message which appeared against every search result. If you still don’t know about this, take a look at:, which is Google’s explanation of what happened.

If you did know about this already, how did you discover it? Perhaps you were googling and it started to happen. If so, how did you react? I wonder how many people believed what they read and didn’t try to access the search results. If you mainly listen to the radio then, in the UK at least, you wouldn’t have heard about it until Sunday morning. However, if you were logged in to a micro-blogging site and you have a reasonable number of connections to other users, the chances are you read about it within minutes of it happening. My own experience was as follows: Read the rest of this entry »


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February 1, 2009 at 10:59 am

Short selling is back – some say it never went away

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Short-sellers in the stock market are back in business and Barclays was the first target. I think I understand how short-selling works and how it is supposed to enhance market efficiency by driving assets to their true value.

It wouldn’t work quite so well if the other short-sellers, those who were not prevented from trading, had not been so very active over the last five months. I refer to the media whose peddling of gloom is unrelenting.

To some extent the short-sellers will thrive on the self-fulfilling forecasts of rising unemployment, falling house prices, and business failures. I don’t even want to repeat the numbers. I strongly believe that at this point of the economic cycle the media should restrict themselves to delivering news i.e. things that have actually happened, and to keep to themselves the unreliable, uncertain forecasts that look good as headlines but do no service to the economy.

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January 17, 2009 at 11:21 am

Robert Peston – a sad case of conjunctionitis

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I would like the BBC to spend some of the money it hasn’t paid to Jonathan Ross on two projects:

  1. Help Robert Peston to cure his conjunctionitis. This is the condition of inflammed or swollen conjunctions while speaking and Robert Peston has a particularly severe case. He rushes over the important words and emphasises, seemingly for a few seconds, a word like ‘of’ or ‘and’. This annoys me to the extent I cannot listen to him, which is a shame because those words he dashes out at breakneck speed to reach the next conjunction are probably quite interesting.
  2. Train all broadcasters who exhibit the symptoms, that the word ‘sixth’ has an ‘x’ in it and not a ‘c’. Saying ‘sicth’ seems to be a recent phenomenon. What’s going on?

Rant over.

Written by netkingcol

January 14, 2009 at 6:11 pm

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